Half-Baked "007 Spy" Armed With a Potato Gun, Sparks Police Manhunt

By Gana Alampalle on at

Let's be honest, we all tell little white lies to impress our mates, but ex-council worker Nicolas Haynes took it into a whole new league. When given a spy watch from this grandfather, the drunk 27-year-old, started bragging about his heydays as a 007 spy, and his gun, to a group of people -- leading to a police manhunt for a gunman on the lamb.

When later cuffed and taken to court, Haynes was acquitted for the possession of a fireman when confessing he was really, in fact, the man with the golden, err, spud gun. To top it off, this is a hilarious transcript extract from the court :

Judge: "This was stupid behaviour. There could have been a major incident – if there had been armed police around and you might have been shot.


"You realise I hope that your behaviour was absolutely barmy and the consequences could have been very, very serious."


Haynes: "I know. I was a t*at."


"I was on a train travelling towards Rochester and I got speaking to four youths on the train."


"We spoke about my watch which videos and records. They asked if I was James Bond and I said I was and then showed them my spud gun, which I had bought at East Street for £7. I bought it to fire at pigeons on my balcony."


"I no longer have the spud gun - my dad threw it away!"

Classic. [Kent Online]

Image credit: Spy from Shutterstock