How a Fighter Jet Pilot's Helmet Gets Made and Tested

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever wondered how a fighter jet pilot's helmet works, displaying all those fancy graphics over his view? Or how it's tested to destruction? The BBC went behind the scenes at BAE systems to find out that if a helmet's a little too curved, it can pull a pilot's head right off.

The modern pilot's helmet is one hell of a piece of sophisticated kit, but I guess its primary function is still to stop his head being caved in. It's amazing to think that just slightly the wrong curvature of the top of the helmet could be enough to generate sufficient lift to pull the poor guy's head clean off when he ejects. Ouch.

I wonder if these things are actually comfortable to wear. Sure, they look seriously awesome when you're in a jet, but after hours blasting all over the place, I'll bet you'll come out with some colossal hat hair. [BBC]