How Do I Get 4G on My Brand New iPhone 5?

By Sam Gibbs on at

So, now that the iPhone 5 pre-orders are up, EE's been in touch to clarify the rather clear-as-mud situation concerning Orange and T-Mobile and grabbing 4G service on EE's new LTE network for the iPhone 5, or any other 4G-capable phone. Here's the lowdown, but the long and short of it is, go with 3G on EE's legacy networks and then swap when 4G's available.

Essentially what EE's saying is that you should sign up with Orange or T-Mobile right now. You'll then be able to break your 3G-only contract and swap to a 4G contract, essentially upgrading to a new EE plan. If your price per month on the new EE 4G plans is the same or more than your old 3G-only plan, then the upgrade will cost you nothing. If not, well, there'll be some sort of upgrade fee. No doubt you'll also have to sign your life away for a further two-years, but that's the price you pay for being on the bleeding edge.

That doesn't mean the price plans will be the same though, so expect some inherent cost in going 4G. I suspect like-for-like plans will be more expensive on 4G, or you'll just have swallow less minutes, texts and data. Unfortunately we don't know exactly how much this is all going to cost you, but we'll let you know the moment we do.

Image credit: Mobile mast from Shutterstock