HTC's 5" Giant Could be This Year's Biggest Google Nexus Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC is rumoured to be planning a move into supersized smartphone territory, with the Taiwanese giant said to be preparing a 5" model that might be this year's new Nexus-branded Android flagship.

The phone, which GSM Arena says could arrive as the HTC One X5, the 5X or could perhaps even be known as the Nexus 5 or some other such relevant keyword combo, is scheduled to arrive running Android 4.1.2, a minor Jelly Bean bug-fixing release, which would make it the first annual Nexus device to launch without a major new version of Android pre-loaded.

As we've mentioned before, it looks very much like Google is going to offer several Nexus phones this year from various hardware makers, in contrast to the single annual model it's released so far. GSM Arena's tipster claims we'll see a Snapdragon S4 Pro inside HTC 5" Nexus, with that display running at the full 1080p HD resolution. [GSM Arena via Techradar]