Human Hamster Plans to Walk Over the Sea to Ireland

By Gary Cutlack on at

A nice man is going to have a very hard and miserable couple of days thanks to this contraption, which he shall be using to walk across the Irish Sea.

35-year-old Chris Todd has decided to take his home-made Tredalo across 66 miles of the Irish Sea for charity, raising money for the RNLI and the Wiltshire Blind Association via the medium of extreme physical suffering in his enormous steel hamster wheel.

Chris wanted to take the Tredalo across the English Channel, but was confounded by red-tape. Whoever's the boss of the Irish Sea clearly isn't as fussy about lunatic inventors risking their lives for a laugh and a good cause.

Chris hopes to raise around £20,000 for charity as a result of his suffering, and if you'd like to follow his efforts he's currently on Twitter waiting for a launch window, worrying about the weather and looking at YouTube videos of very rough seas. [Irish Sea Crossing via Daily Mail]