Human-Powered Washing Machine Makes Dyson Awards Global Shortlist

By Gary Cutlack on at

The fantastic UK-designed baby fish-saving SafetyNet is one of the many entrants in this year's James Dyson Award, with the judges of the global innovation hunt now deliberating on their favourite 50 new inventions. This bonkers sit-on washing machine is but one of the awesome new ideas on show.

The bizarre human-powered washer is known as the GiraDora, and comes with a foot pedal to pump the clothes around its internal basin. The designers say it reduces the time taken to hand wash clothes, uses less water and, crucially in parts of the world where all washing is done by hand, eliminates back and hand pain from the poor scrubbers lumbered with the tiresome chore.

Other fascinating Dyson Award entries to have made the global top 50 include the bicyclean, which helps e-waste scavengers recycle discarded computer components, and the Free light, a self-generating little eco lamp that generates power from a tug of its integrated pull cord. [Dyson Award]