If These Benchmarks Are Genuine, the iPhone 5 Will Blow Literally Everything Out of the Water

By Sam Gibbs on at

The iPhone 5 is out in the wild, well, under NDA in the hands of reviewers at least, but it's apparently made a quick appearance on Geekbench, just to test its mettle a little. It clocked up a score of 1,601, which totally annihilates the iPhone 4S with its puny 631 score, and even tops Android's best.

We heard that Apple's new A6, which forms the iPhone 5's beating-heart is a custom bit of silicon, and it certainly looks like Cupertino's worked a bit of magic here. We won't know precisely how the iPhone 5 performs until the reviews are out, and the phone is the hands of the many, but it certainly looks promising, if this is a genuine benchmark.

Has Apple just thrown down the gauntlet to the quad-core Android beasts like the Samsung Galaxy S III, and even Google's own Nexus 7? If so, this means war on the processing front. Let’s just hope batteries get the same attention too; what's the point in a phone that's more powerful than a supercomputer, if it only lasts 35 minutes? [Geekbench via AppleInsider]