Impossible Looks to Do the Impossible and Turn Your Phone Snaps into Real, Instant Photos

By Jon Partridge on at

Alright, you might have turned your Instagram shots into an arty iPad case, or even had them made into chocolates, but have you ever wanted to grab your phone camera snaps and instantly turn them into real analogue photos? The folks at Impossible look to do that with their snazzy Instant Lab, that takes your digital photos and turns them into real instant analogue prints. Ya-huh!

While Instagram takes us back down memory lane with vintage-inspired filters that replicate analogue shots, the Instant Lab throws us back even further and allows you to slap your phone on the device and print out Polaroid pics, bridging the gap between the two worlds and making the world a more instant and vintage-tinged place.

The device itself is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and so far, the prototype is basically an instant camera that is designed to capture images from the iPhone's display. Your phone sits on top of a cradle, which lines up your phone's display to the Lab's optics alongside a high-precision film processing unit, whilst an app sets up the image, triggers a countdown timer and does all the necessary calculations to make a decent exposure on any of the instant films Impossible offer. The nature of the device means that it could be possible to use any phone display, but whether thats yet to be

Sure, it might seem a bit gimmicky, but who cares when you have real, tangible, instant prints? And since the photo-taking is all done on your phone, you don't have to worry about trotting around a film camera, nor worry about wasting film due to incorrect exposures. Just print stuff to your liking, enjoy the chemical randomness and have a physical memento of the picture memory you created just like its 1985. [Kickstarter]