In Case You Missed It, This Is What a Massive F1 Flying-Car Pile-Up Looks Like

By Sam Gibbs on at

You were watching the Belgian grand prix at the weekend, right? No? Well, slap your eyes on this. A twitch too far at the start from Romain Grosjean sent Hamilton into the back of him, sending the Lotus flying right over the top of Alonso's Ferrari. Boy, that was so close to his head.

The rest of the race was pretty good too, with Jenson Button claiming a pole-to-podium victory, and multiple fights down the pack. Still, it just goes to show, that even with all that fancy safety technology, an F1 driver's head is still totally exposed. If that Lotus had just been a few inches closer to the left it would have taken Alonso's head clean off. [Vimeo via Jalopnik]