Incredible Photograph Captures the Exact Moment a Tank Shell Hits Syrian Rebels

By Jesus Diaz on at

This image sequence of a Syrian army tank firing against a group of rebels in a street of Aleppo is beyond stunning. It's pure insanity. Taken by Tracey Shelton, it captures the exact moment of a tank shell hitting the rebel position. Miraculously, she survived. Some of the men weren't so lucky.

Tracey — a veteran photographer of many wars — has been filming in Aleppo for a while. Earlier this week, she was with the rebels of the Noor Den al-Zenke batallion, who "man a two-block stretch of back streets that now forms the final line between government troops and opposition forces."

Her tale of the events is bone-chilling:

This time, the assault came with little warning. As the cloud of smoke engulfed the street we ran back and frantically waited for the others to escape through the cloud of smoke and debris. But no one came. In that split second, three men were reduced to broken, bleeding masses.

Catch the rest of her photos — and a video too — at [Global Post]

Incredible Photograph Captures Exact Moment of Tank Shell Hitting Against Syrian Rebels