Injecting Saline Into Your Forehead to Make You Look Like a Klingon Is Simply Insane

By Deji Sodipe on at

In the loveable lug Homer, The Simpsons gave us a man perpetually thinking of doughnuts. Now, the latest trend sweeping Japan has unleashed a horde of extreme-modification enthusiasts who quite literally have doughnuts on their minds, and all in the name of cosplay, apparently.

Ryoichi Maeda must have taken inspiration from Klingon aesthetics when he, ahem, 'pioneered' the process of pumping saline injections into the forehead. You apparently press into your bulging cranium to create disgusting indents -- want to look like you've got a donut on your face? No problem. As 'genetic-mutation-alien-faces' isn't too catchy, the club kids from Tokyo to Osaka have taken to the label of 'bagelheads'. You can get the look yourself with a quick and errr, painless, two hour injection-session. After all, nothing quite says 'hey, look how cool I am' like a huge, protruding forehead lump.

I'm curious to see what comes next. Maybe we'll have 'baguette-foreams' or 'hamburger-cheeks' by end of the year. [National Geographic via io9]