Intel Says Windows 8 Won't Really be Finished Come Launch Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

Intel's CEO Paul Otellini has created a bit of worry for Microsoft, claiming that the version of Windows 8 it's set to launch next month won't quite be the finished article.

The reports come out of an internal Intel company meeting in Taiwan, where Otellini is said to have told staff Windows 8 will be shipping before it's fully ready, in order to help bag market share before Christmas and get new devices running the software out there and into the hands of upgraders.

Otellini says we should therefore expect to see many updates and "improvements" appear for the new OS over its first few months on sale, as MS rushes to optimise and tune its code in public. He's not mad, though, claiming this launch-first-fix-later idea is the right strategy for MS. [Bloomberg]