iOS 5 Versus iOS 6 Face-Off: Siri Is Finally Useful in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Believe it or not, new Siri on iOS 6 might actually be useful in the UK, finally doing what you ask instead of spitting out the "Only in the US" rubbish we're used to. We took new Siri from the final, release version of iOS 6 for a quick test run, and put it up against crappy old, iOS 5 Siri.

Needless to say, actually being able to find businesses; give directions; pull in sports scores; grab film times, and being able to launch apps, is such a huge improvement, you have to wonder why it wasn't baked in from the start. Still, I'm not sure I'm going to use it all that much, even now it works as advertised. There's just something so toolish about shouting at your phone, commanding it to fire up Angry Birds. Maybe just in the home; Siri, get me a beer, now.