iPhone 5 Design Allegedly "Confirmed," While Dodgy Packaging Leak Says "New iPhone" Only

By Sam Gibbs on at

Pinch of salt time, but according to "reliable sources" talking to iMore, what we've seen in all the iPhone 5 leaks is the real, final design out of Apple. But according to some supposedly leaked dodgy-looking packaging, Apple could just call it the "new iPhone," at least on the box.

It's an interesting one, really, considering Apple's own invite has a 5 actually printed on it; maybe it’s just a case of referring to it as iPhone 5, but printing just "iPhone" on everything, like the current models have on their rear tramp-stamp. Mind you, it could just be utter rubbish. On the design front, I'd say that iMore's more or less spot on, considering just how many leaks we've seen that all gel together. Nothing's certain until, presumably, Tim Cook pulls one out of his pocket, of course, but I should think that's what we'll see, with or without a two-tone back.

Not long to wait now, just a week, and then we'll find out for sure. Hopefully then we can put the iPhone rumours to bed, at least for a little while. Wait, is that an iPhone 6 I see in the background? [iMore, iPhoneieuwsblog via TechCrunch]