Is Flogging a Phone Without a Charger Eco-Friendly Or Just Cheap?

By Sam Gibbs on at

O2 and HTC are just about to start selling phones without a charger in the box. Of course, the phone will still come with a microUSB cable, so you can charge it from any old USB socket or plug. But is that being kind to the environment, or just plain cheap?

For what its worth, I'm erring on the side of better for the planet, but of course it saves HTC and O2 money here. Do we really need a charger with each and every phone we buy these days? No, no we don't. Do I still want one in the box? Hell yes.

Give me the option to buy one cheaper without the charger in the box, and it might be a different story. In fact, why not have a charger amnesty -- supply one charger to rule them all and let people trade in their multiple USB chargers for it. Just make sure it's a 10W one, as my iPad's monster battery isn't going to charge itself using a puny phone one.