It Costs Basically Nothing to Charge Your Phone for a Year

By Sam Gibbs on at

With all these modern gadgets sucking down juice like nobody's business -- does anyone's phone actually last more than a day these days? -- you'd think the costs would really add up, but apparently not. An iPhone 5, for instance, would only cost you about 50p a year, while your Galaxy S IIIs clock up just 71p a year in electricity. Running modern gadgets is properly cheap.

The average consumption figures come out of Opower's latest energy use data, which assumes a full charge is required once a day. Its pricing is for the US, of course, but using the Energy Saving Trust's UK average electricity cost, a quick calculation shows that even the iPad, which sucks down over three times the amount of juice as an iPhone does, only racks up a bill of £1.66 a year.

One interesting side effect of our move to portability is that modern screen-based gadgets like phones, use significantly less power than most other entertainment devices. So, apart from actually buying the things, new gadgets are cheaper to run, and they save the planet, until you toss them in the garbage that is. [Energy Saving Trust, Opower via MacRumors]

Image credit: Power from Shutterstock