Java Patched, New Java Security Holes Discovered

By Gary Cutlack on at

Just days after Oracle took the unusual step of releasing an unscheduled patch to fix the huge security flaw found in the most recent update of its Java platform, more ways to exploit the code have been found within the widely used tool.

The latest security issue has been publicised by Adam Gowdiak, the boss of security firm Security Explorations, who claims older bugs first reported to Oracle back in April have been brought back into play by Oracle's recent fix.

Gowdiak has decided not to go public with the specific nature of the flaws, lest they be used by bad people to install things on our computers without permission, although Gowdiak says his methods allow hackers to bypass Java's safety sandbox and he confirms it's working in the latest Java SE 7 update that rolled out last week. [Computer World via Forbes]

Image credit: Broken computer from Shutterstock