Just to Spite iPhone Users, Google Updates Android Maps

By Gary Cutlack on at

As the world whines about Apple ditching Google Maps for its own slightly first draft mapping effort in the latest iOS update, Google's rubbing salt into Apple users' wounds and eyes by updating its awesome Android map app to make it EVEN BETTER.

The latest Android Maps updates includes ability to sync your location searches between desktop and mobile, so all the post codes and pubs you've looked up on your PC or Mac will now be accessible through the Android app's search dropdown, plus a full list of all your searches are now stored inside the Searches tab within the My Places section.

Your direction searches from A to B are also stored and synced for mobile access, although that's about the sum total of the latest update to Android Maps. It's still a feature well worth showing to any iPhone user today if you want to see them struggle to not cry. [Google]