"Lost" Kubrick Movie Found, Cleaned Up and Readied for Blu-ray Release

By Gary Cutlack on at

To call Kubrick's movie Fear And Desire lost is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration, as the main reason it's been so hard to get hold of has been Kubrick himself trying to erase it from history. But now it's been restored and is ready for the Blu-ray collections of his hardcore fans.

The restored copy comes via a recently discovered negative of the film, which was found in a Puerto Rican film laboratory. Shot in 1953 for a budget of around £6,000, Fear And Desire follows the lives of four soldiers behind enemy lines, with plenty of psychological trauma along the way as you might expect from one of Stan's films.

Kubrick himself, being a bit of a perfectionist, wasn't particularly proud of his first super-budget movie, calling it "a bumbling amateur film exercise," and was believed to have been buying up copies of it to destroy and help erase it from existence, making it something of a challenge for people to find and watch in the pre-internet days.

However, given its obscurity, no one renewed the copyright, so Fear And Desire is freely available to watch on YouTube right now if you can't wait until the DVD and Blu-ray release that's scheduled for next January. [Empire]