Man Jailed for Accidentally Sexting His Whole Address Book (Including Some Tweens)

By Kyle Wagner on at

You know that episode of The Newsroom where the sassy British lady accidentally emails the whole staff from her BackBerry instead of her boss? A 24-year-old swimming coach did that, but with a fairly graphic sex message. And for extra credit, he had some underaged girls in his phone. That meant trouble.

Craig Evans, a 24-year-old swimming instructor from Birmingham, was just looking for some "skin on skin" sex from someone he knew. Or, as it happened, anyone he knew. His BBM asking for the sex, and a preference for "fast or slow" coitus, was accidentally sent to his whole address book. Hi mom. Hi dad. Hi constable. Evans was subsequently arrested for causing or inflicting a child to engage in sexual acts, because he had the numbers of two female swimming students, aged 13 and 14, in his phone.

Evans went to jail, sentenced to 18 months this past July. This week, though, he won an appeal. A judge agreed that Evans was obviously very stupid and incapable of using his phone properly—"misguided use of his phone"—and therefore it was "difficult to conclude that he was targeting anyone." Which, of course it was! The judge reduced the sentence to 9 months, and suspended the rest of it, meaning Evans was set free.

So the lesson here, aside from never letting your sexts make it into a court of law, is probably to just not have tweens in your phone if you are an incredible idiot and regularly text your entire address book. [Daily Mail via PCMag via SlashDot]