Maybe the iPhone 5 Isn't Tall Enough?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The iPhone 5's most notable update is a taller 4-inch display that finally provides a proper way to enjoy 16:9 content. But what if Apple didn't stop there? What if the iPhone 5 had been given a 5-inch display, or 10, or maybe even 30 or 40 inches as this parody demonstrates?

It sounds ridiculous, but surprisingly, they make a pretty good case for such a monstrosity. Capturing panoramic shots would be a hell of a lot easier, and full body FaceTime would probably spawn an entire new niche in a certain adult-oriented industry. And if you're a fan of well-educated, mohawk-sporting engineers, keep an eye out for a cameo by Nasa's Bobak Ferdowsi. [YouTube via Fazed]