Microsoft is Allegedly Working on a Windows Phone Group Chat App Called Room

By Adrian Covert on at

If you've been keeping your eyes on Windows Phone, but have been holding off on switching over until it gets a few more crucial features and/or apps, here's an interesting rumour: WMPowerUser says that Microsoft is working on a new group chat feature called Room, which apparently works in a similar manner as BlackBerry Instant Messenger or the group message feature in Apple's iMessage.

WMPowerUser says they discovered the new feature based on some code nestled deep in the WP8 SDK. A descriptor found, describes the service as such:

Gather your friends and family together. Invite them to a private Room where you can share a calendar, photos, group chat and notes. Or add them to a Group to see social updates from just those folks and text them all at once. Tap the plus sign to get started.

Apparently this will be part of the reveal at Tomorrow's Nokia event, a rumour which has also been told to The Verge by sources. [WMPowerUser via TechCrunch]