Minnesota Holds World's First Cat Film Festival, Goes Down Purr-Fectly Well

By Gana Alampalle on at

Getting tired of the usual Cannes, Toronto and Sundance film festivals? Looking for something a bit more, err, class? One of America's finest contemporary art centres hosted the inaugural 'Cat Video Film Festival'. An estimated 10,000 -- nearly double what was expected -- turned out for an event that was, from its inception to its closing credits, an online meme made flesh (and fur).

Competition to gain a nomination was, as expected, very tough, with 10,000 submissions crowd-sourced from around the world being whittled down to just 76 videos; which you can get your paws onto here, provided flash doesn't kill your computer first. The eventual winner turned out to be the Henri 2: Paws de Deux above, which is apparently about the existential angst of a black-and-white French puss. I'd be lion if I didn't say it was a disappointment that ninja cat didn't win. [New York Times via The Week]

Image credit: Cat from Shutterstock