Motorola's RAZRi Has a Whopping 2GHz Intel Processor

By Kat Hannaford on at

Calling it their "biggest launch since the original RAZR" (no sniggering in the back row, please), Motorola's RAZRi is the first phone with a 2GHz Intel processor; however good that may be. Sounds impressive though, non?

Intel's saying it's the first phone not only with a 1GHz Intel processor, but any 2GHz processor -- for the record, the San Diego phone Intel made with Orange had just a 1.6GHz Atom X2460 chipset.

Further specs reveal that the RAZRi will run Android 4.0.4 -- no Jelly Bean here yet -- with 1GB RAM, while boasting an impressive 4.3" display, all contained within a neat 126g package.

With a Gorilla Glass display that goes "edge-to-edge," it's also been coated with a waterproof coating like we first saw on Motorola's Xoom tablet last year. Meanwhile, a 2,000mAh battery is the one big drawcard for me, and will likely be for you, too. More so than the NFC that's been added? Uh...yeah. Obviously.

The 8MP camera can shoot 10 photos in less than a second, with the start-up time touted at under one second -- so it should be pretty quick on the draw. On the software side, too, Motorola's added a "circles widget", which lets you touch a circle on the homescreen and grab vitals such as battery life.

It'll launch in early October in the UK on Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile, along with some brick and mortar stores like Tesco and Carphone Warehouse.