Next-Gen Smartphones Want to Listen to All Your Conversations

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boffins at smartphone speech recognition specialist Nuance are working on low-power tools to continually monitor all spoken communications within their audio range, so even when your phone's in standby mode it'll be ready to perform your train timetable searches and check the time in faraway places.

Nuance's Vlad Sejnoha, the company's chief technology officer, dreams of a future when our phones listen to literally everything we say, all the time, leaping into action on your desk or bedside cabinet like an excited dog whenever it hears something that sounds like an actionable thing.

Sejnoha said: "Just turning on the device is part of the problem, right? So we're going to be smoothing that out, eliminating those problems as well," adding that Nuance has been talking to companies that are seriously interested in implementing such an always-on, constantly monitoring style of personal assistant feature. [Tech Review via The Register]

Image credit: Phone in bed from Shutterstock