No 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire HD Love for the UK

By Pete Bennett on at

Noooooo! It seems that Amazon's top range 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD isn't following the rest of the family to the UK.

Mr Bezos took great delight in wowing the LA crowd with his latest flagship device—the Kindle Fire HD 4G, which not only rocks 32GB, but also packs 4G LTE for just 500 dollars (about £320 of our British pounds). The LTE-packing Fire HD also comes with a pretty reasonable $50-a-year (£30) data plan, which permits 250MB of data per month.

While its pretty predictable that the UK wasn't going to get the 4G version (yet), it's still a little heart-wrenching to know that our American cousins will be playing with Amazon's new hotness in November, whilst us Brits must be content poking our puny 7-inch Fire HDs in late-October.