No Hope for Humanity: Simon Cowell-Branded Headphones Are Real

By Gana Alampalle on at

Yes, you read that correctly; Simon Cowell and Sony have, err, finally teamed up to jump onto the celebrity endorsement bandwagon. Called the MDR-X10, the X-Factor-themed pair of headphones come in red and silver, and will certainly get you noticed. Whether or not that's a good thing is up for debate.

So what will approximately £190 of your hard earned cash get you? Well, the X10s are on-ear cans with those pads that completely enclose the speaker; come with a hard case, and a set of two flat-lined cables. Being heavily marketed to the youth, you'll no doubt have guessed these have a clear focus on bass heavy listeners, who, you know, love the X-Factor. They'll be released online from 10th September and in-store a little later. Here's hoping they don't get past the audition stage in the UK. [Sony, 2]