Nokia Lumia 920 Hands On: You Really Want This Thing — But Enough to Switch?

By Kyle Wagner on at

The Lumia 920 is wonderful. It's smooth and fast and sleek and has a ton of future-is-here features. But the question for Nokia is, is it enough?

The first thing you notice about the 920 is the curved glass screen — the same as the old Lumia 800. It's a relatively small detail, but it makes all the difference in holding the phone. And for a phone as visceral as the design-centric Lumia, with its in-your-face Windows Phone 8 start screen, that's a big deal. It's a huge improvement over the Lumia 900's screen.

The next thing you notice is all the rest of the screen. It's gorgeous. It's bright and defined and photos look incredible on it. The start screen looks great, but photos especially look amazing. We couldn't use the PureView camera, which looked so amazing in the demos, but the onboard photos were displayed tack sharp. The phone's PPI is dead even with the iPhone's 326 PPI retina screen, and in the real world, it looks just as good.

And that touches on the big question: Will you switch from your iPhone or top end Android phone for this thing? After a few minutes with it, it's a resounding... maybe.

We've already seen the best Android has to offer, and the Lumia 920 is just as responsive and fast as the Galaxy S III and HTC One X. We're waiting on the next iPhone, but from what we know so far, this phone will be able to go toe to toe with Apple as well. If you already want to switch, it's a no brainer. But if you aren't quite sure, yet, it's probably worth waiting around for next Wednesday.