Nokia's Lumia 920 Could Be Everything Everywhere's 4G Champion in the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to a report by the FT, Nokia and Everything Everywhere are in negotiations to bring Nokia's fancy (lying) new 4G-packing Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone to the UK in November. Could it be the 4G phone to have?

Earlier we heard that EE was going to launch with a 4G variant of the HTC One X, which could still be true, but it'd be in EE's best interest to launch with as many 4G phones as possible. Something tells me that SIM-only 4G plans are going to be a bit slim on the ground, and contracts are likely to be longterm lock-ins. Probably best to be absolutely sure you're going to like the phone before slapping your autograph on the dotted line, then. [FT via WPCentral]

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