Phil Schiller: That iPhone 5 Scratching Is Totally Normal

By Sam Gibbs on at

That iPhone 5 you bought at great expense, that's getting scratched and scuffed even though you're being really careful with it? Yeah, that's totally normal. At least, according to Apple's Phil Schiller it is. It's aluminium -- deal with it.

Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Marketing, replied to a worried emailer, who queried whether Apple was going to do something about the "scuffs, scratches and chips" the black iPhone 5 seemed to be suffering from:

I guess it's just like a black car -- even small scratches will show up like a sore thumb compared to white or silver cars. So yes, scratching is normal for aluminium. If you don't like it, buy another phone without a black aluminium back, or get yourself a case, I guess. Something tells me the iPhone 5's not going to age as gracefully as some of the others did though. [9to5Mac]