Projection Installation Shows How Your Living Room Would Look If Swarmed By Giant Spiders

By Deji Sodipe on at

Whether they scare the pants off you or not, to most of us, spiders are still plain old creepy. So imagine how you'd react as you walked past this installation from German designer Friedrich van Schoor. I'm going with full-blown freaking-out Eight Legged Freaks-style.

For his art-school project, van Schoor created the unique effect using projection mapping. He videoed a spider inside in a self-made tank (using the same proportions as the real-life room and its floor-to-ceiling-high windows) then scaled-up the video to project it within the two-storey building. The finished product was an optical illusion of strikingly cool effect. Although the arachnaphobiac community probably won't be thanking him anytime soon. [via io9]