PSYs All-Round as Everything Imaginable Gets Gangnam-Styled

By Deji Sodipe on at

As parodies spawned from PSY's megahit continue to dominate the viral videosphere, help is on hand to keep you updated with all the 'Gangnamania'. Here's a quick selection of the best, most bizarre and mind-bendingly bonkers on offer.


GTA IV Style

Niko Bellic takes a break from blowing-up cars, squishing pedestrians, and being a general bad-ass to show us his, err, best moves.


Gandalf Style

If you thought that fantasy-films and dance crazes shouldn't mix... you're probably right. Surpisingly, this isn't even the oddest collaboration that we've seen.


Deadpool vs Gangnam Style

Even superheroes are getting in on the Gangnam act. Personally, I'd have preferred to see Spidey or Batman, but since they're off being big Hollywood stars, Deadpool will have do.


Zombie Gangnam Style

What would you get if you crossed the cast of Sesame Street and the Michael Jackson thriller video? I'd imagine something like this version featuring the zombies from Popcap's Plants vs Zombies, riiiight.


Hot-Dog Condom Style

Like us, you've probably been wondering what on earth PSY actually says in the song. Well, we're not sure that this translation is a 100 per cent accurate, but we certainly hope so.