Rumour: Is the New iPhone 5's Black Back Susceptible to Scratching?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's traded a glass back for an anodised aluminium one for the iPhone 5, but is it one step forward, two steps back, at least in terms of scratch resistance? MacRumors is reporting that some people have already seen scratching all over the back of their brand new iPhone 5s, and they're barely hours old.

We haven't seen it replicated here in the office, at least in our, admittedly, limited experience, but that doesn't mean it's not a real issue. One Briton apparently took keys and a SIM tray ejector to the back of one in the shop, and it got scratched to hell, but then you'd probably expect that if you purposefully went to town on it, surely?

We've generally argued that you don't need a case on these things, if you're careful, but I've personally resorted to a metal backplate on my iPhone 4S. Maybe something to think about if you've just managed to grab yourself a shiny new iPhone 5 -- keep that sucker away from your keys. [MacRumors]

Image credit: Overclockers