Samsung, You're Starting to Look Lame

By Sam Gibbs on at

So the fact that you went to all the trouble to build a fake Apple store to rip on the iPhone was one thing. Then you spat out an ad; it was cute, funny almost. But then there's another, and frankly, it's getting a bit sad.

OK, I personally think it's sad that people want to queue up over night, for anything, not just a phone. I also have to admit that I've done it myself, back in the day, so I can understand it, even if I think it's a tad lame. But taking the piss out of them, and not even in jovial way? Well, once is fine, twice looks a bit desperate.

I know Samsung and Apple have beef, multi-million pound beef, but Samsung's just starting to look a tad petty. As Gizmodo Australia points out, is Samsung bigging up the fact that you don't have to queue for Galaxy S III? We all know the S III is an awesome phone, but it just doesn't have that cult status that the iPhone does, and honestly, that's a good thing (you don't want everyone having the same phone as you, right?). The first Apple digging ad was cute, but this one's just vicious.

I don’t think you're winning any friends here Samsung. Maybe it's time to quit while you've not quite insulted everyone you're trying to win over? [YouTube via Gizmodo Australia]