Samsung's Built a Whole New Fake Apple Store Just to Take the Piss Out of Apple

By Gana Alampalle on at

Another Apple event is almost upon us, and Samsung's up to its usual tricks, again, with yet another, err, hilarious anti-Apple commercial seemingly in the works. The guys over at the Verge managed to grab some photos from the fake Apple Store Samsung's built, complete with aped signage and Mac hardware to boot. Oh those jovial Koreans really know how to rock the boat.

The latest photos show that, just like the previous ad, Samsung's not holding back when it comes to its fake Apple Store, Geniuses and all. Something tells me that Samsung's money would be better spent on pushing out Jelly Bean upgrades, but who am I to challenge the marketing machine. It's totally not like Samsung holds a grudge at all, eh? [The Verge]