School "Full of Regret" Over Ditching Laptops for Fashionable iPads

By Gary Cutlack on at

The recent rush to install iPads everywhere isn't going as smoothly as some would like, with teachers at one iPad-using school missing their old laptops, clunky PowerPoint files and antique sepia Word docs.

An anonymous staff member at one such secondary school told PC Pro that "the staff room is full of regret" over the head's decision to dump laptops in favour of handing out iPads to staff, with teachers forced into remotely connecting their iPads to a PC in order to access legacy files through an app. This results in a form of confusion and misery that's most unlike the seamless technological worlds portrayed in Apple marketing material.

The lack of a common USB socket is one other source of misery for the poor teachers, who are having to learn new ways of shuffling files around the staff room as they struggle to adapt to what's now seen as a rather needless upgrade process. [PC Pro]