Science: Stop Stalking Your Ex on Facebook, It's Damaging Your Health

By Sam Gibbs on at

Basically the whole point of Facebook is to be able to stalk old "friends", people from your school and your ex-partners to see how they're doing, and hopefully see that they're doing much, much worse than you. But, apparently, tracking your ex is actually doing you mental harm, and you should stop it, now.

Psychologists from Brunel University studied the mental health and recovery of 464 active Facebookers after breakups, to try and see if digital contact with previous partners hampers recovery from heartbreak just like physical contact does. Unfortunately the study found that Facebook actually exacerbates feelings of distress; increases longing for your lost love, and stops you getting over it.

It's not all bad news though, as the study also found that people who actively un-friended their ex partners actually get on better, moving on with their lives. So, stop torturing yourself; un-friend your ex and get on with your life. There's always the exes of friends you can stalk for them, and the legions of ex school friends who are all doing so much worse than you are, to keep your spirits up. [CBSN via io9]

Image credit: Dumped from Shutterstock