Seiko Jumps on the Dangerously Overloaded Star Wars Merchandise Bandwagon

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new range of watches from Seiko celebrates the good and the bad of Star Wars, updating some of its existing BRIGHTZ range models with colour schemes and etched character designs from the patchy sci-fi franchise.

There's a black and red Darth Maul one, just in case history ever ends up being kind about the modern films, plus a golden C-3PO option, a green one for manky old Yoda and a few more models, all taking existing Seiko watches and adapting the design to suit the character in question.

The 100,000 yen price translates to around £800 in our kind of money, reflecting the fact that original Star Wars fans are now well into their forties, and entering the mid-life-crisis zone where spending £800 on a child's watch may well be considered a good investment. [Amazon Japan via Ubergiz]