Sharp: Don't Blame Us for iPhone 5 Shortages

By Leslie Horn on at

You're going to wait three to four weeks for your iPhone 5 if you order it online. But Sharp—one of Apple's touch panel suppliers—says it's not to blame for the hold up.

Wait times and shortages are business as usual when it comes to an Apple launch. Part of the reason this time around, due to a shortage of parts, especially the ultra-thin displays. But Sharp claims it's making "adequate volumes" of screens, and demands not to be blamed.

Because Apple gets these parts from Sharp, Japan Display, and LG, and 5 million iPhone 5s sold in the first weekend, there's bound to be some supply constraint. The fact is, you're going to end up waiting if you want that phone now. And if you plan to pick one up in store, reserve it ahead of time so you're not standing in line forever. [Reuters]