Steam's Big Picture TV Mode Launches in Beta for Casual PC Gamers

By Gary Cutlack on at

PC publisher Valve has just launched the thing it calls Big Picture Mode, with a beta version of its TV interface for the Steam delivery network now live for everyone to have a play with.

Available through an updated Steam app today, the test version gives gamers who've hooked their PCs up to their TVs, or anyone after a simpler Steam, an entirely new interface to manage their PC gaming lives through. New screens, bigger fonts, chunky buttons, it's all there, with preview images showing an extremely slim and sleek reimagined version of the online shop.

The big selling point is an interface tuned for use with a controller or remote control, which means the text entry part of things is handled via an on-screen keyboard Valve calls its Daisywheel.

The move will no doubt reignite rumours that Valve's using this as a test bed for a move into offering a simplified, lounge-based piece of PC gaming hardware itself, with constant murmurs of some sort of SteamBox console thing refusing to die. [CVG]