Stop Filling Up the Planet With Your Trash, Orders Robot Bin

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some parts of the Netherlands are acting on the terrible modern crime of putting rubbish in someone else's bin, requiring users to open their bins with an ID card before chucking stuff in it.

This new wave of Dutch smart bins are designed to encourage recycling, as users are charged depending on the quantity of stuff they throw away, while the recycling bins are free to use. The tagged bins also radio back to base when they know they're full, allowing the binmen to cover fewer miles and therefore ticking a few boxes in terms of carbon reduction as well.

Bin theft has been reduced as a result, as has the practise of chucking stuff in illegal bins around parts of towns, with local councils apparently saving tens of thousands thanks to streamlining the processing of getting rid of everyone's stale bread and broken toys. [The Register]