Taxpayers Picking Up the Bill for 600 New £266,000 Boris Buses

By Gary Cutlack on at

The exciting new modernised Routemaster that's set to roll around London is coming in at quite a cost to us lot, with the 600 updated buses, at a cost of £266,000 each, set to be paid for out of public money.

Usually, orders like this are placed and paid for by the route operators, but concerns over the resale value of buses designed specifically to meet the whims of London have led to Transport for London being left to foot the bill, using taxpayer funds.

The good news is the hybrid buses are manufactured in Northern Ireland by Wrightbus, so at least our precious money's not just flying out to China. The updated fleet will be bringing London back to its red double decker roots by April 2016, with some routes fully switched over to running with the new models by next summer. [Metro]

Image credit: TFL