Team GB a Disappointing Fourth in Global Pirate Bay BitTorrent Traffic Tables

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research into the locations of the most prolific torrent uploaders has placed the UK in fourth place when it comes to the number of highly trafficked torrents generated, with the US, Canada and Australia beating our brave file uploaders to the piracy medals.

This isn't the latest in a crazed attempt to shut down the torrenting system. The data's been compiled by the BitTorrent Project, with the aim of identifying who and where most of the torrent uploads are coming from so that fake or broken torrents can be more easily screened.

The database lets users sort results by country and ISP, or even view the lists of seeded torrents broken down by cracking team, with IP address details available for those not clever/paranoid enough to be routing traffic through an anonymising proxy or VPN.

In terms of the top ISPs used to upload torrent data around the world, Team GB is in a rather disappointing tenth place, with our national provider BT just scraping into the ISP list ahead of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation and Cableuropa.

Fire up those modems, people, we need to perform better than this in Rio. [Bittorrent Project via Wired]

Image credit: Treasure map from Shutterstock