Tesco Fires Warning Shot Across Amazon's Bow With Mobcast Purchase

By Gana Alampalle on at

As Amazon and Barnes & Noble continue to move closer to launching more of their services and devices for a full scale UK invasion, the retail giant Tesco has responded with its broadside acquisition of Mobcast, for a cool £4.52 million; that's a heck of a lot of ebooks.

Mobcast has a catalogue of around 130,000 books, but the main aim is to give Tesco its own digital book distribution platform, including cloud-based storage for the books. The deal comes following the purchase of movie and TV streaming service Blinkbox back in 2011, and the personalised internet radio service WE7 in June 2012. Tesco really wants a slice of that digital pie, it seems. [Tesco via TechCrunch]