The Best Way to See If the iPhone 5 Scratches Is to Scratch the Hell Out of It Inside the Store

By Casey Chan on at

I'm totally not suggesting that you do this yourself but if you're so very worried about scratching the iPhone 5 and/or a close follower of scuffgate, or whatever they call it these days, know this: stuff scratches. Especially stuff made from aluminium. The iPhone 5 is no different.

Does it suck to have scratches on something brand new that you just spent a lot of money on? Hell yeah it does. But it's probably not a design flaw — nothing like Antennagate — and the aluminium back doesn't have the fragile beauty of the iPhone 4 and 4S' glass back. Swapping shattered glass for possibly scratched aluminum seems like a net positive.

And just look at the video above (which looks like it's filmed inside a network store and not an Apple Store). That dude goes to town on the iPhone 5 and it holds up surprisingly well, even after some pretty gnarly noises. [@arnoldkim]