The iPhone 5 Will Be 4G-Enabled in the UK too, Thanks to EE's LTE Network

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's finally put an end to all the rumours and announced the LTE-packing iPhone 5, and for once, we can get in on the 4G-action too. Yes, that's right, the iPhone 5 supports the 1800MHz band of EE's brand new LTE network for blazing fast data in the UK.

It looks like we've finally joined the rest of the true mobile broadband-loving world, what with the LTE variants of the awesome Galaxy S III; the beastly One X, and Nokia's new Lumias, and now we've got a 4G iPhone to boot. All we need is some pricing from EE and we'll be good to go. Well, if you've got a lot of pocket change to burn that is; don't expect it to be anything other than wallet annihilating, OK?

Update: While EE has the 4G-exclusive here in the UK (because, err, they're the only network with a 4G service), O2, Vodafone, 3, and Orange and T-Mobile will have 3G versions.

Image courtesy of GDGT

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