The New Raspberry Pi 2.0 Is Now Here

By Sam Gibbs on at

As the Pi Foundation builds on the fantastic start by the first "B" board, the second iteration of the beloved Raspberry Pi is hitting the shops right now. If you haven't got yourself a Raspberry Pi yet, this is the one you should try and get your mitts on.

It's not a massive upgrade, according to the Foundation at least, but, actually, it's got a few new things that could make it worth holding out for. Firstly, it can now be powered by a USB hub, which is pretty handy, and it also comes packing new mounting holes and additional I/O expansion options.

The new board also carries bug fixes and the alike, and should be shipping out to punters once the original model B boards have run dry (apparently at least one person has received a version 2.0 board already). With competitors like Via pumping out similar things, mainly Android-powered, is the Raspberry Pi still the homebrewers board for coding or messing around with? At least it's British, and the original. [Raspberry Pi]