The New Robocop Reboot Looks More Like Batman Mixed With Tron

By Sam Gibbs on at

The first shot of the Robocop reboot's hero has been snapped, showing Joel Kinnaman kitted up in an all black robo-suit that looks more like Batman dumped into a Tron-visored world, rather than Robocop of old.

With a pretty decent cast, including the awesome Gary Oldman and legendary Samuel L Jackson, I have high hopes for the reboot of Detroit's hero-of-choice. Does an all-black suit mean Robocop's going to be a bit more suitable and less of a "hey, I'm right here, shoot at me, I'm a dumb robot"? Let's just hope it leaves the corny, awkwardly-flying, cheese-factor at home. [ComingSoon via TotalFilm]