The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Could Cost More Than an iPhone 5

By Sam Gibbs on at

OK, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is much, much bigger than an iPhone 5, but could it really command a premium over the £530 asking price of Apple's sales-monster? Pre-orders have gone live for the Note 2 in the UK, and, unfortunately, it's not going to come cheap.

Between £545 and £530 will apparently buy you a 16GB variant of the Galaxy Note 2 SIM-free, but now we know it's not exactly going to be cheap on contract either. According to Phones4u, you'll have to fork out at least £41 a month on O2 to get the thing free, which is, thankfully, slightly cheaper than the £47 a month you'd have you cough up to get the iPhone 5 for free.

The SIM-free folk, including Expansys, say the even bigger phablet will turn up on September 28th, while Phones4u says October 2nd. Either way, not long to wait for those looking for something brand new that's not the iPhone 5. [Expansys, Phones4u via TechRadar]