This Crazy Steve Jobs Sculpture Is Supposedly Made with a Touch of Jobs's Stolen Rubbish

By Eric Limer on at

You may remember the Steve Jobs action figures that were introduced and then cancelled earlier this year. Now there's a new Steve Jobs figure on the horizon, one that supposedly contains a weird and creepy ingredient: rubbish stolen from Jobs himself.

The sculpture, made by XVALA, is due to be shown at a gallery in Los Angeles starting early in October. As for the rubbish thing, Cory Allen Contemporary Art described it this way in the announcement of the piece:

Coated in an "Apple White finish," the sculpture is cast in the artist's patented plastic porcelain, mixed with a recycled resin made up of Steve Job's residential trash which the artist collected from the tech icon's home several months before his death.

The plan, apparently, is to mass-produce the sculptures in "an appropriate work environment" as a shot at Apple's Foxconn production facilities and a limited number will come in black, as a reminder of Foxconn suicides. According to Cory Allen, production will continue with or without (read: without) Apple's approval. The sculptures, entitled "Think Different" will be unveiled on October 13th. [PR Newswire via SlashGear]